Patient Information

Welcome to AHN Neighborhood Hospitals.

At AHN Neighborhood Hospitals, our doctors and advanced medical practitioners care about you and your family. Whether you’re here for a minor emergency, emergency care, or inpatient care we are always available to serve your health care needs.


What To Expect


Walk In

Walk in for prompt care at your closest AHN Neighborhood Hospital.



Quickly See A Doctor

Receive compassionate care from experienced doctors and advanced medical practitioners.



Follow Ups

Patients will be referred for follow-up care to make sure you’re well on your way to recovery.



What To Bring

Please bring the following items to your AHN Neighborhood Hospitals visit:

  • Picture ID (State or Nationally Issued)
  • Insurance card
  • Insurance co-pay


You may be asked to review and/or complete the following forms:

Authorization for Release of Information

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Brentwood | Harmar | Hempfield | McCandless

Patient Bill of Rights

Policy Protecting Competitively Sensitive Information

Release of Medical Records

To request copies of your medical records, please click on the button below to open our medical records request portal. Call 800-367-1500 for the status of your request.

Request Medical Records

  • Please have your photo ID ready
  • Please have your mobile phone nearby
  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari

Attorney Requests Associated with Motor Vehicle or Work Comp Accidents:
For attorney or third party liability requests, visit the following link:
Attorney Requests
Requests can be faxed to 307-462-0239.
Please contact for 800-367-1500 status inquiries.



While AHN Neighborhood Hospitals accept most insurance plans, it is always a good practice to check with your insurance plan directly to confirm coverage for services and to understand your benefits. For a list of accepted insurance plans at AHN Neighborhood Hospitals, see: Insurance Coverage by AHN Facility.

During your visit, a co-payment will be collected, if applicable. After your visit, we work with your insurance plan to determine if there are remaining charges.