Visitation Policy Updates

AHN has taken a number of proactive steps to protect our patients and caregivers, and to prevent potential transmission of the virus, including enhanced patient screening practices and clinical protocols.

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AHN Neighborhood Hospitals

When an emergency happens, we're minutes away.

Your neighborhood hospital is open 24/7 in four locations.

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Coronavirus - knowledge is safety.

AHN is actively involved in helping the people it serves learn about and protect themselves from the spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

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When an emergency happens, we’re minutes away.

AHN Neighborhood Hospitals are proud to bring you high-quality emergency care.

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World-class emergency care, community feel.

Our dedicated emergency physicians are ready to treat you with compassionate care.

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3290 Saw Mill Run Blvd  
Brentwood, Pennsylvania 15227


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Whether your emergency involves a minor injury or a major, life–threatening event, rest assured, AHN Neighborhood Hospitals are ready.

From the moment a patient walks through the door, our team of exceptional medical professionals treat patients with speed, compassion and expertise. AHN Neighborhood Hospitals provide personalized, patient-centric care, right in your neighborhood.

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